tv meu bolso
em dia


creative direction and direction OLÍVIA FERREIRA AND PEDRO GARAVAGLIA art direction and design FERNANDA GUIZAN design FERNANDA GUIZAN, THOMAZ HADDAD AND VIVIAN PAN motion coordinator MARIANA MOURA motion MARIANA MOURA, CARINA OLIVEIRA AND AGAMENON SEGUNDO casting FLÁVIA DOS PRAZERES costume design CARLA SILVEIRA costume assistant VANESSA MOURA makeup GLEICE DIANA LEÃO / ELISANI SILVA photography All Digital Filmes script RAFAEL COPEL editing All Digital Filmes soundtrack and sound design HENRIQUE BAND AND HENRIQUE VILHENA production CAMILE LIGUORI production assistant VICTÓRIA DEIENO agency ID\TBWA

TV ‘Meu Bolso em Dia, by Febraban, is the financial education program of the platform Meu Bolso em Dia. Directed and scripted by us, we had the challenge of finding an accessible language to talk about financial education to a young audience.  We used fun and dynamic graphic animations resources that helped to give more lightness and dynamism to the subject and make it easier to learn.

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