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creative direction OLÍVIA FERREIRA E PEDRO GARAVAGLIA graphic design BRUNO SENISE E FELIPE NORKUS editing and motion IGOR MORAIS project management LILIAN AL’OSTA

We collaborated on the documentary by Felipe Hirsch and Juuar, which premiered at the Rio Festival in 2022, creating its entire visual identity: opening, lettering, end credits, and poster.

The film explores the various languages that make up Portuguese and constructs its narrative through an immersion in the Museum of the Portuguese Language and interviews with personalities such as Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, Ailton Krenak, Silvio Lual, Lia de Itamaracá, and Yeda Pessoa de Castro.

Drawing from the history of the formation of the Portuguese language, which obscured over 200 indigenous languages of the country, the film shows us how the process of language formation can be violent and colonizing. With this in mind, we started with the original typography of the museum and combined it with the Munari typography, designed by Pedro Moraes, to create a visual identity with glitches that intensify throughout the film.