saia justa


direction and art direction OLIVIA FERREIRA AND PEDRO GARAVAGLIA photography NEIREN JONES (2018), FELIPE REINHEIMER(2019) costume design CLAUDIA KOPKE (2018), MARINA FRANCO (2019) art direction JOANA MUREB  production FERNANDO DE SOUZA / RAPHAELA VIEIRA

creative direction OLIVIA FERREIRA AND PEDRO GARAVAGLIA art direction and design RODRIGO BARJA designer FERNANDA GUIZAN motion MARIANA MOURA

An immense skirt unites the four hosts and allows each one to move individually. They interact with each other creating moments of closeness, distance, tension and relaxation. This was the metaphor created to visually represent the internal dynamics of the TV show ‘Saia Justa’, on the GNT channel – where sorority unites the hosts. In addition to the direction and art direction of the opening, we created the visual identity and graphic design of the show. On air, since 2018, the opening with the big skirt had two new versions in the following years.

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