sesc verão


creative direction PEDRO GARAVAGLIA AND OLÍVIA FERREIRA art direction and design RODRIGO BARJA design and illustration FERNANDA GUIZAN AND RODRIGO BARJA motion MARIANA MOURA production CAMILE LIGUORI soundtrack and sound design CAPITÃO FOCA projection technicians MATHEUS LESTON AND GABRIEL ROLIM

The interactive installation Sesc Verão brought to SESC Belenzinho an immersive experience where the public playfully explored the three disciplines of triathlon: swimming, cycling and running. Through sensors and technological interfaces, the audience had the opportunity to interfere in the water drawings at the swimming tunnel by moving arms and hands, controlling the speed of the course as they peddled on the bike and choosing which athlete to run in the final stage of the race. We collaborate in the creation of the interactive experience as a whole, in addition to developing the visual content and animations used in the projections.

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