creative direction OLÍVIA FERREIRA and PEDRO GARAVAGLIA art direction FERNANDA GUIZAN graphic design and programing BRUNO SENISE motion design MARIANA MOURA

Taking as its starting point the study of the books Orlando, by Virginia Woolf, and Critique of Black Reason, by Achille Mbembe, Transatlântico’s project unfolds in a series of reflections, insights, dialogues and scenic experiments. An open work, in continuum process, alive and collective, where each new member who gets on board contributes with their vision to this creation. At the invitation of directors Cristina Moura, Mariana Lima and Renato Linhares, we got on board on this journey with the objective of creating a “masterpiece website”. We developed a live and dynamic website, which in itself is an open work. The public can freely navigates, creating their own connections between the material, traveling and discovering different routes and landscapes. We are also responsible fot the visual identity and communication artwork pieces.

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